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Home Inspections in 2022: What does a home inspector do? What does a home inspector look for?

Updated: Feb 19

Charlotte area houses are like people. They have an identity, a personality, and quirks that set them apart from others. In the same way, there is more than one house to choose from when buying or building a home. There’s also no such thing as just buying any old house; you want to make sure it fits your needs and lifestyle. That’s where the help of a home inspector comes in. Home inspectors look for possible defects and problems with the home that you might not notice on your own and help to ensure that your purchase will last for years to come. So what does a home inspector do and what does a home inspector look for?

What Does A Home Inspector Do?

At Bannon Home Inspections, our Charlotte home inspectors will closely examine a home from the roof to the foundation. We focus on the core components of a house:

Structural • Roofing • HVAC • Electrical • Plumbing.

We will also look for signs of moisture, peeling paint, roof leaks, microbial growth, evidence of wood destroying insects and MUCH more. If you really want the fine print....brace yourself: Roof, vents, flashing and trim, gutters, downspouts, skylight, chimney, roof penetrations, decks, stoops, porches, walkways, railings, eaves, soffit, fascia, grading, drainage, basement, foundation, crawl space, water penetration, foundation movement, heating and cooling systems, main water shut-off valves, water heating system, interior plumbing fixtures and faucets, drainage sump pump with accessible flat, electrical service line and meter box, main disconnect and service amperage, electrical panels, breakers, fuses, grounding and bonding, GFCIs and AFCIs, fireplace damper door and hearth, insulation and ventilation, garage doors, safety sensors and openers.....and much, much more! Home inspectors are trained to identify problems that mostly go unnoticed. Our home inspectors also deliver a timely, easy-to-read digital home inspection report and discuss any costly or safety concerns with you. While working with a home inspector may seem costly at first, we promise it’s an investment in your future happiness because a good home inspector will help you avoid any major issues down the road.

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We perform quality, thorough home inspections around the Carolinas.

What Does A Home Inspector Look For?

As mentioned above, a home inspector looks for any problems or defects that the average person might not be able to notice. We'll check the foundation, plumbing, electrical wiring, and so much more to make sure the home is safe and is ready for you and your family.

For example, an inspector may recommend a qualified individual add insulation in certain areas or applying sealant in others. A home inspector is also responsible for identifying structural problems, like a crack on an exterior wall. They’ll note these problems and provide recommendations on who is able to further evaluate the potential concerns and simply put - point you in the right direction for who can complete the needed repairs. Giving you knowledge is our main goal. Another good reason for a home inspection is that it gives you negotiating powers with the seller's if issues are found.

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Checking the HVAC components in just a small part of the home inspection process.

How to Find The Right Charlotte Area Home Inspector

Do your research! Do you need a home inspector for a new construction house, a pre-purchase homebuyers’ inspection, a pre-drywall or warranty inspection? (We offer all these and more). Once you've identified what type of inspector is best suited to your needs and the type of inspection that needs to be performed, then it's time to call around and get quotes from multiple inspectors. Be sure to ask any questions you might have so that when it comes time to hire an inspector, there are no surprises. When you call us, you speak directly with the owner of the company. No call centers, no customer service reps - straight to a professional, licensed home inspector who will gladly answer all your questions. Bannon Home Inspections provides a one-stop home inspection shop if you will. Check out our Charlotte home inspection services. As said, we encourage you to shop around, read online reviews, see all the home inspection services other companies offer. We'd be honored if you select us, but if at the end of the day you decide on another company to perform your home inspection services, we're okay with that. Make the best decision for you and most importantly, don't just decide to skip the home inspection!


A home inspector is an important part in the Charlotte area real estate process of buying a home. We ensure that you’re making a well-informed decision by identifying any major defects or items that may need to be addressed in the near future. We hoped you learned what a home inspector does, what they look for and how to find the right home inspector for you. As always, whether you hire us or not, we're available to answer questions. Call us directly at (704) 776-3659


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