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New Home Construction: Final Inspection

Updated: Jan 21

Here is the second installment in a series about building a new construction home in the Carolinas and the important types of home inspections that go alone with it. First off, congratulations! Building a brand new home in the Charlotte area is huge deal! This post will take you through the final inspection process, when everyone’s hard work comes to fruition.

We are going to talk about the messy details that are often overlooked when it comes to new home construction. But don't worry, it's not as bad as you think. In fact, this part is actually quite satisfying.

In this post, we'll discuss what happens at the final inspection process and how important it is to make sure everything goes smoothly. This way you feel good about moving into your new Charlotte area home with a smile on your face!

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Newly Constructed Homes Are Not Free Of Defects

Why You Need A Final Home Inspection

Most people are usually eager to see the construction process come to an end. Then it's time for a final home inspection. It's the last major hurdle before you can move into your new home. As a side note: be aware if your builder suggests that you should not get an inspection or doesn’t not allow it. This a red flag!

The final home inspection should be scheduled a few days before your builder's planned walk-through. This ensures that the construction process is nearing completion so that the major systems may be inspected.

The main reasons buyers in the Carolinas are enticed to purchase a new construction home is the assumption that it will be devoid of the defects present in older homes, such as antiquated plumbing or electrical, and also visual flaws. However, even if a home is brand new, it can still have problems; in fact, certain issues in a home are the direct result of its condition as brand new construction.

Brand New Homes Are Not Free Of Defects

It would appear that new homes should be flawless, or near to it, yet often times our home inspectors find obvious and not so obvious hidden flaws. Structural faults such as foundation concerns, improper grading, and poor framing are among the most prevalent issues discovered during new construction home inspections.

Drainage and grading difficulties might be problematic since they can lead to water damage in the future. Windows may leak. There could be HVAC problems, such as broken thermostats or faulty connections.

Electrical issues like poorly wired outlets, unprotected grounds, Missing GFCI’s and AFCI’s and missing switch plates are not uncommon. Plumbing concerns such as reversed hot/cold in faucets, poor piping, leaks, and other problems are also discovered not acceptable.

Our team frequently discovers unfinished construction. These include insufficient insulation, handrails, or fixtures.

Our top rated home inspectors look for:

  • Roof, chimney, and gutters

  • Doors and windows

  • Exterior items, like walkways, driveways, decks, patios

  • Foundation and crawlspaces

  • HVAC systems, including the thermostat

  • Plumbing, toilets, sinks

  • Attic, insulation, and ventilation

  • Appliances, such as dishwashers, disposals, ovens, and microwaves

Just to name a few things.....(we're thorough!)

Conclusion: Importance Of New Home Inspections

If you are purchasing a property that is still under construction, ideally you should hire a home inspector twice. During the first inspection (see our pre-drywall post), we can inspect the house before the walls are closed and inspect the framing and system installation. The second inspection should take place after the home has been completed to allow for the assessment of everything else.

After the home is finished, call us or schedule online to have it inspected a few days before your final walk-through with your builder. As home inspectors, we have been trained to see details that the untrained eye might miss. These concerns can be added to your final list, and final payment should not be submitted until all problems have been addressed.

If you are not a part of the construction process and buy a spec house after it is finished, include a home inspection contingency in the sales contract and hire an inspector to evaluate the property before closing. The home inspector will not only confirm that the house and system are structurally sound, but they will also teach you how to run and maintain your new home.

Rest assured this process may be long and seem stressful but Bannon Home Inspections is always on your side. We partner with your real estate team to make everything as seamless as possible for you. We provide you the knowledge and ability to make informed decisions on a new construction or any other home purchase in the Carolinas. Our goal is to provide the best home inspection experience in the Carolinas.

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