• Shaun Bannon

A blog? I inspect homes. How about some maintenance tips first?

Ok, this is my first attempt at writing any sort of blog post. I suppose this will be a great outlet to share maintenance tips (like those below) or just show y'all some interesting finds we come across. Regardless, we'll have some fun with this in the future. In the meantime, check out the maintenance tips below. How long has it been since you've addressed any of these?

  1. 1. Lot grading and drainage have a significant impact on the building, due to the direct and indirect damage that moisture can have on the foundation. It is especially important that surface runoff water be adequately diverted away from the home. Lot grading should slope away and fall a minimum of one (1) inch every foot for a distance of six (6) feet around the perimeter of the building.

  2. When landscaping, keep plants, even at full growth, at least 12-18 inches from house siding and windows. Keep trees away from foundation and roof. Plants in contact or proximity to home can provide pathways for wood destroying insects, as well as abrade and damage siding, screens and roofs.

  3. Whether treated or not, it is important to keep a wood deck surface free of all forms of fungal growth and debris that retains moisture and will cause the deck to eventually rot. It is recommended to clean and reseal the deck annually. Cleaning can be accomplished by scrubbing the deck with a sodium-hypochlorite (bleach) and Tri-Sodium-Phosphate (TSP) deck wash and then rinsing with a pressure washer. Finally, a wood deck should be recoated with a good-quality deck sealant.

  4. It is recommended to clean siding/soffit 1-2 times a year by solution or pressure wash in order to prevent algae growth and prolong the life of the siding.

  5. All exterior painted wood trim surfaces should be examined annually and resealed, re-caulked and re-painted as needed.

  6. For your garage door(s), it is recommended to lubricate hinges and rollers periodically to ease movement of the door.

  7. Keep gutters cleared of organic debris to prevent downspouts from being clogged and causing overflow at gutters. Ensure that all downspouts have extensions/splash blocks to carry water away from the foundation and ensure that sprinkler system does not spray siding or windows of house.

  8. The air filter(s) should be inspected monthly and cleaned or replaced, as required. There are two types of filters commonly used:

  9. Washable filters – constructed of aluminum mesh, foam, or reinforced fibers. These may be cleaned by soaking in mild detergent and rising with water.

  10. Fiberglass disposable filters – must be replaced before they become clogged. **Remember that dirty filters are the most common cause of inadequate heating or cooling performance.

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