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Local home inspection company serving York SC and York County, NC with the best home inspection experience.
Bannon Home Inspections covers the Carolinas - we are home inspectors near me - York SC. Bannon Home Inspections - Top reviewed home inspectors – York, SC area. We offer the best home inspection experience nearby. Affordable home inspections, by a top 10 rated York, SC local home inspection company. Schedule online or call us today at (704) 776-3659.
Call us today (704) 776-3659. The cheap York SC home inspector isn’t always the best York SC home inspector. Do your research and hire the best professionals for the job. Our online reviews are consistent with providing top 10 rated home inspection services for York SC.

Top-Rated, Licensed Home Inspectors York, SC

Bannon Home Inspections proudly serves the York, SC area with affordable home inspection service solutions. Our top-rated, professional York home inspectors are available for all your York County home inspection service needs.

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Offering top-rated, affordable, best York SC home inspections with the best home inspectors.

Home Inspections York SC

Offering top-rated, affordable, best York SC radon testing
Offering top-rated, affordable, best York SC termite/pest inspections
Offering top-rated, affordable, best York SC septic inspections
Offering top-rated, affordable, best York SC well water - drinking water testing - fha/va/usda loan water testing York, SC
Offering top-rated, affordable, best York SC mold testing and sampling

Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas sometimes found in the Carolinas that can cause lung cancer. Radon testing lasts 48 hours using our continuous radon testers. Results can be expected shortly after the testing completes.

Radon Testing York SC

Termite inspections search for many key pieces of evidence to identify if a house has any possible issues. Unfortunately, most individuals do not realize they have termites until they have wreaked havoc on their woodwork. Report delivery in 3-5 business days.

Termite Inspections York SC

Mold may wreak havoc on the respiratory health of those who are susceptible. Mold testing is done in two ways: air sampling and surface sampling. Both types necessitate testing by a qualified laboratory. Results are available within 5 business days of completion.

Mold Testing/Sampling York SC

It's important to know that the water you drink is safe. We perform thorough drinking water analysis to check levels of Total Coliform, E. Coli, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, Turbidity, Iron, Manganese, and pH. If you’re purchasing a property with a private well or if you need water testing for an FHA/VA/USDA loan, contact us today.

Well Water Testing York SC

11th Month/Warranty Inspection | Pre-Drywall Inspection | Multi-Family/Unit | Re-Inspection | Lead-Based Paint Testing  Irrigation & Sprinkler Inspection | Pool & Spa Inspection

For most homeowners and potential home buyers, the septic system is the last thing on their minds. Typically, a septic system is not noticed until there is a serious problem. A properly performed septic inspection will offer valuable information on the state of the septic system at the time of the inspection.

Septic Inspections York SC

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We perform a thorough check on a home's main components such as:


A home inspection will last several hours depending on the size of a house and the home inspector will assess hundreds of additional items during this process.